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Paxton Chocolate

Paxton Chocolate

Paxton Chocolate was set up in December 2012 by Caitlin Paxton upon graduating as a Pastry Chef from the Cordon Bleu. It was here that she developed a passion for chocolate. After feeding samples to grateful friends and family, who always wanted more, Caitlin realized that she could turn this into a business.

Paxton Chocolate


So how do we create our chocolates? The first and most important thing is the ingredients. We source the chocolate couverture from a company in Belgium that has been producing the finest chocolate for over 100 years from sustainably grown cocoa beans. The dried flours and extracts come from Scotland, where they are selected for their province and quality. Our perishable ingredients are sourced locally to ensure maximum freshness.

Paxton Chocolate


Next we blend these fabulous ingredients together to create recipes that are then tried and tested, before working up a final design for each chocolate. Finally all our chocolates are hand made in small batches for total satisfaction.

The making of fine handmade chocolates

Here is the making of our citrus thins. First the lime, lemongrass and clementine are added to cocoa butter and left to infuse over night. The infused cocoa butter is added to the tempered chocolate. Finally the chocolates are piped out onto a transfer sheet.